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The Significance of Colours in Machine-Made Carpets

Colours captivate our senses and can affect the perception of our surroundings by elevating our state of mind. These colours intertwine and display striking images and patterns that are often seen in machine-made Persian rugs. In fact, Persian carpet designers follow basic psychological principles in choosing the right colours to take texture and sync in the rugs. Aligning the right colours in a fine arrangement when designing the rug is key to making a fair and visually-pleasing outline. The number of colours is further determined by the designer and their set of skills.

How many colours are used in machine-made carpets?

The number of colours used in each carpet varies based on the region in which it is made. Kashani rugs use up

to 16 colours, but beautiful carpets can be found with down to only 8 colours! The 8-color, 1200-reeds Kashan carpets are known to be very beautiful. They’re made with original Persian designs and patterns and have been the most popular Kashan handmade carpets in Persia.

The more colours in a carpet, the more pleasing to the eye it can become. Carpet browsers should know that the number of colours does not affect the quality of the carpet in any way, rather, it increases its glamour and charm. For example, a 700-reeds carpet with 12 colours would likely look nicer than a 700-comb carpet with just 8 colours.

The effects of colour psychology

Forward-thinking carpet manufacturers are slowly customizing their colour palettes to reflect the research of trusted psychologists around the world. Colours can impact our state of mind and can change our mood depending on the shade. Generally, Yellow is known to spark creativity and is a symbol of warmth and happiness. Red is a symbol of life and it creates a sense of excitement and passion. Blue represents peace and competence. Orange increases confidence and sociability. Purple portrays a sense of spirituality and ambition, and it also illustrates an image of luxury and royalty. And lastly, Green symbolizes nature and healing.


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