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Why the Handmade Persian Rugs Are Expensive?

With a simple search on the internet we find that a lot of people ask about the reason behind the high price of the traditional Persian Rugs. In this post we would like to explain some facts about the Persian Rugs production.

Handmade Persian rugs are mainly made of natural fabrics such as sheep wool, pure silk or a blend of both. An average 6 sqm handmade woolen rug weight exceeds 30kg and with a quick calculation we realise that the raw material of the wool is about $300 (the price of plain sheep wool thread is around $10/kg and for different colours the cost of colouring needs to be added). Then the raw material alone would cost between $400-$500.

Now let's calculate the labour cost. Due to the different speeds of the weavers and the knitting and other weaving-related operations, it is somewhat difficult to determine the exact weaving time of a rug. On the other hand, because hand-woven carpet weavers are paid based on the number of knots, they have to work faster. For a delicate portrait rug, size of 1x1.25 m with 14 linear knots per cm, the time it takes for weaving only, is about 440 days. The initial preparations and preparing the design, dotting and preparing a significant number of appropriate colored coils, is an important point that should be considered in the texture of this type of carpet and the employer spends about a year for it. In total it takes around 800 days (2 years and 2 months) of a full time work of one person. For an average minimum wage of $7 per hour the cost of labour for this period is around $25k. There is also the cost of buying the designs that are normally drawn by hand.

In general, to calculate the weaving time of a 2x3 m carpet with 5.7 knot per linear cm (40 knots in 7 cm), for a skilled weaver who knits 5000 knots, it takes 392 days.

The handmade Persian rugs are well know for their beauty, quality and durability and purchasing one of them considered as an investment since they keep their value over time.

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